Accessories for LED Modules


Having chosen the preferred type of LED modules, many other components are needed to complete an installation. Various methods of mounting are available, with some of the most popular involving the use of plastic or aluminium profiles fitted with clear or opal-white covers. A full range of accessories allows for complete customisation, such as building long LED rails. Matching end-caps are available for the chosen profile. Other sundry items such as brackets, clips and springs are specifically designed for this purpose. Plug ends, cables and connectors will also be needed, with rigid connectors providing a neat solution for linear lights. For a tube-type installation, suitable PPMA white diffuser tubes are available, together with suitable mounting spring clamps. The uses of LED modules are limited only by imagination, and many innovative custom-made designs are possible using the widely available range of accessories. In some cases, these may simply be as direct replacements for halogen or fluorescent lamps but others may be completely novel. The use of multi-coloured LEDs coupled with dimmers further enhances the design possibilities. Needless to say, the extensive range of accessories available for use with LED modules will prove invaluable for routine maintenance and repair work.