Accessories for Optical Sensors

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Optical sensors convert light into electronic signals, to measure the physical quantity of light. The sensor is often part of a larger device, including an electrical trigger and a measuring instrument. The optical sensor trips the trigger when light strikes it, and the trigger allows a measurement to be taken. Optical sensors may be either internal or external, and work in through-beam, reflective or diffuse modes. The application of optical sensors is in alarm systems, copy machines, light fixtures and several industrial processes. The utility of optical sensors depends on using the correct type and model of the sensor for the application. Depending on the application, optical sensors may require accessories such as optical amplifiers, reflectors, reflective strips, and even body clamps and holding brackets. Optical amplifiers amplify the input signal without having to convert it into electric signal first. Reflectors find use in reflective optical sensors, where the light bounces back from the transmitter to the receiver, and the failure of the beam to reach the receiver, on being interrupted, denotes the presence of an object. The accuracy of the measurement depends on the high quality of the components and accessories.