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Part of the area of human machine interface that is widely utilised in the automation industry, displays play an important part of ensuring that processes continue to function as efficiently as possible. For people to be able to regulate certain automated processes, they need good quality information, often shown on process displays which carry out highly specific functions. Process displays can, for instance, be used to display the temperature of a machine that is carrying out a certain function. Equally, one might be used alongside a PLC system to show when any alteration it has made to a process has been carried out, according to its pre-determined programming. Most displays offer simple parameterisation, have programmable interface parameters and show their numerical information with standard LEDs. These vary in size greatly, according to the particular requirements of the place where they will be used. Some display only offer single digits but others are capable of many more. Made by manufacturers such as GS Industrie, Ditel and Red Lion, some have process display accessories, like USB or RS232 interfaces, and many offer standard input interfaces such as RS485.