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Launched back in 1970 as a company producing display enclosures, Bopla is now based in the German town of Bünde and has grown to become a vital supplier to the electronics industry. With electronic applications now playing a pivotal role in the activities of residential and commercial consumers alike, Bopla provides enclosures to house the vital components used in everyday systems. This essential role requires the company to continuously design new forms of housing to match the specifications of fresh electronic circuitry and present the product in a marketable format. Bopla’s success in this ever-changing environment is due to their flexibility and pro-active response to new challenges. Modern enclosures use a variety of materials, and though practical thermoplastic housings are common, certain applications call for custom plastics with particular properties, and aluminium cases, or even steel shells, where greater strength or protection is required. Bopla products offer a variety of mounting options to suit different operational conditions including brackets for wall-mounted applications, custom-fit enclosures for handheld usage, plus single or multi-cable glands, ventilation slots and protected battery casings. Units are installed via screw fixings or snap connectors and some are available in a choice of colours. Many Bopla enclosures can be ordered on next-day delivery with most available for dispatch within five days.


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