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PIHER, founded in 1950, is a specialist manufacturer of control and sensor systems. Based in Barcelona, their 60 years of experience in the design of both standard and custom-made control solutions has been tested in extreme environments, and they are at the cutting edge of sensor technology. PIHER components are employed in a variety of industries, including climate control, automotive, instrumentation and power tools, along with many human-interface applications. PIHER offer a number of components along with bespoke solutions, predominantly in the form of potentiometers and trimmers. Resistance ranges from 1 kOhm to 1 MOhm with varying axes and threads to suit requirements. They are available in both linear and logarithmic form. Pot shafts are available in a variety of colours. A full selection of trimmer pots can be ordered, with accessories such as knurled knobs and fitting parts. Both types of component can be specified for either board or panel fit.


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