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RND Connect, RND Cable, RND Components and RND Lab were launched by Distrelec and sister company Elfa Distrelec as in-house brands that would meet a need within the electronics industry for a reliable and cost-effective source of small components and affordable, high-quality laboratory equipment. The RND Connect range is comprised of key essentials for use in the manufacture, repair, servicing and installation of electronics, including coaxial connectors, bootlace ferrules, terminals, terminal blocks, and both panel and PCB mounted connectors. The mounted connectors are manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure that optimum connection and current flow is achieved. This facilitates maximum operational functionality, for example, between two or more interconnected devices or between a single device and a power source, and reduces the possibility of device failure. The coaxial connectors are precision-manufactured to ensure a reliable connection to both the wire or cable in use and any compatible device. Together, and in conjunction with the other items within the RND Connect range, these products offer the electronics professional a reliable connectivity solution for any application within electronics.


We are proud to introduce our new, in-house brand. Meet RND.

RND aims to provide customers with a comprehensive range of products to meet the demands of electronic, electrical and maintenance professionals. Great quality and low prices combine, providing outstanding value and a product you can trust. Sourced responsibly and tested thoroughly before launch, the RND line will cover many product categories, including Connectors, Wire and Cable, Resistors, Capacitors, Switches and many more. With products being launched each month, please continue to check our webshop for the latest new arrivals and hot offers.

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