Introducing the RS PRO range

RS PRO, the own brand of RS, offers the largest choice in the industry. Covering all technologies and working environments, RS PRO can combine products into integrated solutions to make your professional life easier.

RS PRO simplifies procurement and ensures unrivalled value and efficiency. The RS PRO Seal of Approval is your assurance of professional quality, a guarantee that products and components are rigorously tested, inspected and audited to demanding standards. RS PRO is your smart choice.

Our 3 pillars: quality, choice and value

Discover the winning combination for your industrial supplies

Our products are tested for great performance and come with a 3‑year warranty
(refer to product pages for further details)


We provide you with one brand that you can trust, with the quality and price you expect and a growing choice of sustainable products and solutions


A combination of quality and choice, and sustainable product solutions, with competitive pricing against branded alternatives

Make RS PRO your choice for Automation Efficiency

Capacitive Sensors

The expanded range of RS PRO proximity capacitive sensors ensures easy configuration and setup


From DIN Rail to Embedded Switch Mode Power Supplies, up to UPSs - RS PRO covers your every need.

Test & Measurement

Identify areas of excess energy consumption or loss around your process, with hand held equipment.

Conquering the Automated Tower

The new RS PRO-BOT adventure is fresh out of the box!

The safety harness is already buckled up and ready to go - just follow it on a tour of automation efficiency devices along the packing line.