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Schurter dates back to 1933, when it began producing fuse cartridges and screws in Lucerne, Switzerland. The company was officially registered in 1949 and opened up a German division in Endingen during the 1970s. Today, in addition to manufacturing, the Swiss manufacturer imports and distributes electronics and electrical components, including ferrites, inductors and filters, surface-mounted fuses with fuse holders, and circuit breakers for appliances. Schurter also supplies power terminals and a wide variety of IEC 60320 general purpose or replacement appliance mains and device plugs and connector leads. Other Schurter product lines include miniature indicators and rocker, rotary and push-button switches for PCB mounting, keypads and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) components such as transformers. The company has production facilities in Switzerland, Europe, India and China, and distribution operations in the U.K., the U.S.A. and Singapore. A leading innovator, Schurter has two company divisions: the Components Division covers protection circuitry, whereas the Solutions Division specialises in producing bespoke solutions designed to meet customers’ specific requirements. The company aims for sustainable growth and success through innovation, quality of service and customer relationships. In total, the Schurter Group comprises 18 companies and operates three logistical supply hubs – Santa Rosa, Lucerne and Singapore - with sales representatives in 60 countries.


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