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Founded in 1951 by Dr Friedrich Martin, Semikron is an electronic product and component manufacturer based in Germany, principally focussed on power devices and systems. It makes power electronics that are designed for low energy consumption. The company's power products are used for both open-loop and closed-loop control. Semikron's devices convert electricity efficiently and are much-used within the renewable energy sector in applications such as wind and solar photovoltaic installations. They are also frequently used in electro-mobility products. In addition, the business is engaged in the production of drive technology systems, transistors and power supply devices. In Germany, the business employs in the region of 1,500 people and this number is approximately doubled when its worldwide workforce is taken into consideration. Semikron has a market share of about 25 percent of all thyristor semiconductor and diode modules sold today, making it a market leader in these types of components. Its production facility and head office in Nuremberg occupies a site of some 42,000 square metres. As well as its transistors, Semikron makes a number of bridge rectifiers that includes three-phase versions, with peak off-state voltages that can range from anything between 200 and 1,800 volts.


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