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Sloan AG, based in Basel, is a Swiss manufacturer of indicator lights and LED products. The company was founded in 1967 and designs high-quality products, known for their durability and performance. The company has implemented the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and is an approved NATO manufacturer. A popular product line from Sloan is the LED strip light modules, which are available in lengths up to 5 metres. Ten different colours are available, including white for general lighting and primary colours for other purposes. Sloan's wide product portfolio includes white LED signal lamps, fitted with standard screw and bayonet lamp bases and designed for fitment into standard indicator lamp holders. Additionally, Sloan manufactures a comprehensive range of LED indicator lamps that are designed for panel mounting and which are available in all primary colours, as well as in white. Many of these lamps are designed to accommodate separate LED bulbs. The company also manufactures a range of optoelectronic LED indicators. These are available as complete LED indicator units designed for panel mounting or as discrete LEDs designed for PCB mounting. Options include conventional LED diodes with standard pins and SMD LED chips intended for surface PCB mounting.


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