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One of the globe’s leading producers of lithium batteries, Tadiran Batteries is a technology company that is wholly owned as a subsidiary by Saft Groupe SA, based in France. With approximately 100 people on its payroll, Tadiran Batteries has its main production facilities based in Buedingen, near to Frankfurt in Germany. This production site has a robust quality management system in place and complies with the demands of ISO 9001. Since 1999, it has also been certified as meeting ISO 14001. In addition to its primary batteries, the business has developed pulse technology systems that provide high-current pulses to offer assistance with asset tracking and monitoring systems. Nevertheless, the business is best known for the long-lasting and specialist batteries that it makes. Where a suitable application requires one, a 3.6 volt high-energy primary battery made by Tadiran can offer anything up to 25 years of standalone operation, for example. The firm also makes a number of rechargeable battery products and TLM, or high-power batteries, which it first introduced onto the global market in 2005. Offering exceptionally low discharge rates, Tadiran's LTC low-current batteries can deliver up to 10 years operation while being able to withstand a wide range of operational temperatures.


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