Accessories for Batteries / Rechargeable Batteries

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Both primary batteries (non-rechargeable) and secondary (rechargeable batteries) are available in many shapes and sizes, and a wide range of accessory items is offered to help with their care and installation. For semi-permanent installations, battery soldering lugs provide a neat solution but in many cases the preferred method of battery fitting will be by using one of the battery-specific holders or clips. These are available for practically all battery types and configurations and it is even possible to build custom housings using spring terminal contacts. Battery terminal clips of various types can be provided and the risks of short circuits at the terminals can be eliminated by the use of terminal protection covers. Transportation of batteries often poses a risk of short circuits but specially moulded transportation boxes keep the batteries separate and fully eliminate this risk with both primary and rechargeable batteries. Button cells are also well catered for, with an extensive range of individually designed battery holders for all sizes. Holders are available for all battery sizes and it is even possible in some instances to use a battery adapter in order to use a small battery in a battery holder designed for a larger size, such as using an AA in place of a D-cell.