Technical books are factual books that supply information on specialised topics, such as micro-robotics or electrical components. A good technical book should be well-written, accessible to non-experts but also of practical use to professionals, and up-to-date with the latest technological developments. The technical books supplied by Distrelec fulfil all these criteria. Distrelec offers a selection of technical books on the subject of electrical engineering, suitable for professional use or for students. Titles vary but might include 'Modern Optical Engineering' by Warren J. Smith - widely regarded as the best general overview of optical engineering - and 'Trilogy of Magnetics' by Thomas Brander - a design guide that more than achieves its objective of familiarising the reader with the characteristics and applications of inductive components. A good choice of technical books is usually available in four other languages: Swedish, German, French and Italian. Other examples of the type of technical book provided by Distrelec are the best-selling application handbook for optimised connector selection, 'Trilogy of Connectors' by Robert Mroczkowski and 'Programming and Customising the PIC Microcontroller' by Myke Predko - a work that promises to tell readers everything they could possibly want to know about the microchip's PIC family of microcontrollers.