Torches for Battery Operations


Torches for battery operations are made in various shapes, sizes and capacities. Small LED pen torches that fit the pocket feature bulbs that emit as low as two lumens. High-intensity, discharge xenon flashlight torches replace the conventional filament that powers halogen bulbs with two electrodes, to deliver very bright light with low power consumption. CREE LED chip torches feature a microchip that emits incredibly pure and bright white light for its small size. Large size Krypton bulb torches feature bulbs made of heavy, inert xenon gas that deliver more light for every watt of energy. Consider the lumens of the bulb, the illumination range and the light life. While 100-120 lumens gives out good light for a normal torch, heavy-duty torches with very intense brightness produce up to 1,600 lumens. The light life depends on the batteries and may be anywhere from 10 hours to 100 hours, depending on the nature of the operation. The best battery operated torches are not just water-resistant but also resistant to oil and fumes. They have superior features, such as a focusable light cone, non-slip handles and more. Opt for torches with ingress protection ratings of IP5X, 6X, X5, X6 or X7, from reputable manufacturers, to ensure top performance with maximum protection.