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Littelfuse® is a company whose name reflects its ethos: that of designing and manufacturing small fuses. The company started in 1927 when its founder, EV Sundt, designed and manufactured the first small, fast-acting fuse for protecting delicate test meters. The company continued on this course and was the inventor of the ubiquitous modern automotive blade fuses that are compact and temperature-resistant with high breaking capacities. Littelfuse is based in Des Plaines, Illinois, U.S.A., and has manufacturing facilities at that location, in the UK and Switzerland, as well as several other manufacturing plants around the world. The company subscribes to the ISO 9000 Quality Management principles, its automotive business conforms to the ISO/TS 16949 Automotive Quality Management System and it complies with the conflict-free minerals requirements. Littelfuse manufactures a complete range of standard size and mini blade automotive fuses and fuse holders. Another innovative product from this company is the resettable PTC fuse that increases in resistance when the tripping current is reached, disconnecting the circuit, which resets when the device cools. Littelfuse manufactures a comprehensive selection of standard fuses, ranging from heavy-duty industrial power fuses through to small, miniature fuses rated for less than one amp. Other protective devices include transient voltage suppression diodes and tubes.


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